Ruby on Rails and Their Testing Frameworks

Ruby on Rails (ROR), an open source framework, is used extensively for web development. It uses Ruby as the programming language which is quite similar to Python or Perl. The USP of ROR lies in its ease of use and speed. This is the reason why developers prefer Ruby on Rails over the other frameworks. Any changes made in the app are immediately applied. This saves time at the developing stages. Hence, it is a faster system to work with. As an open source it supports some of the most widely used engineering principles and patterns. Hence, achieving success in completion of tasks becomes an easy method. Further support is also integrated within while developing as application. The skeleton test code is used easily to write test in a simplified way. By using ROR it can also be ensured that the code is in sync with the functionalities mentioned earlier even after major modifications have been made.

Ruby on Rails development company, Ruby on Rails development, certified Rails programmersBesides, the Rails also enable the developers to test the response of the apps through browser requests. The testing frameworks for Ruby on Rails are proving quite helpful for the developers. Here is a list of some of the most widely used testing frameworks:

Cucumber – To test web applications Cucumber can be applied quite effectively inspite of using ROR. The developers can use any programming language including Java, Python, Ruby or C# to develop an app but that can be tested successfully on this testing framework. Thus, it can also be used by the QA engineers even if they are not aware of the Ruby programming meticulously. The features of this testing framework allow the plain text functional descriptions to be executed as automated tests. Cucumber is an effective testing tool that also allows BDD (behavior driven development). Thus, it does not matter whether the stakeholders are technical or non-technical. The test codes can be verified without any trouble even before the original testing begins.

Test::Unit – This is another important tool that is quite effective for web app testing. Here the xUnit testing framework is implemented for Ruby. Once the developers begin to write the code, they will surely find Test::Unit. Despite being full of this programming language, the Test::Unit is not a static part in the framework. To write new test codes, the experts recommend the use of MiniTest.

RSpec – This also supports BDD like the Cucumber. As a result the business analysts and domain experts can analyze easily the test codes keeping in tandem with the features and the way the apps will used. There are certain features in this tool that makes the test driven development more fruitful. The benefits for testers lie in the fact that they can make use of the command in line program, customize the reporting, utilize the expectation language (extensible), text descriptions for groups and examples in the mocking framework.

Spork – This tool is used extensively to analyze the Ruby applications. The server copies will be forked every time a test is run. The ROR can be used for reloading files even if the developers are not uploading them on a continuous basis. Spork has an advantage as it runs solidly and is not corrupted even as time passes by. Moreover, this testing server is compatible with various other testing tools like the RSpec, Cucumber as well as supports a number of other app development frameworks. Various kinds of modules or meta-programming can be tested effortlessly.

Shoulda – This tool was initially designed wit unit testing in mind. However, this can now be utilized to test the Ruby apps by attaching it to the project. This is known as a meta gem which has two dependencies: shoulda matchers and shoulda context. These dependencies can be used distinctly by the testers to write test cases as the project requires. For carrying out the test it is important to add it to Test::Unit.

Ruby on Rails is packed with various kinds of testing frameworks that can be used quite conveniently to carry out all kinds of tests. However, when you have too many choices it might be difficult to decide upon. Hence, it is necessary for the testers or developers to first pick the tools they would require and then progress with the process. To get maximum benefits of ROR development, you may consider hiring services of a Ruby on Rails development company.

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